Bowsden Moor - Home of the Tweeddale Limousins
Bowsden Moor
TD15 2TG

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Bowsden Moor Lleyns

The flock was established in 2004 with the desire to have a closed flock of sheep with low input and high output. The Lleyn breed can be stocked heavier than traditional breeds due to lower mature size enabling a larger number of sheep per hectare and therefore a greater profit margin.

Ewes & rams were selected with the best type of carcase including a wide shoulder and a deeper back end. Tight skin and above average in size were also selection criteria to be met in our selection. Only a handful of rams are retained from the 1000 ewe flock meeting our exacting standards. Wedders from the pure bred flock are all R & U grade with a carcase weight of 18-20 kg's.

When a terminal sire is put onto the Lleyn ewe the resultant lamb will grade U or E delivering a premium return.